Four Steps to Attracting and Building Better Customers


Act smartly and start Attracting and Building Better Customers by following simple steps!!

  1. Attract the Right Business

Communicate who you are and stick to it. If people are coming through the door with the wrong idea about you, you’re not being loud enough.

  1. Understand Your Clients

Once you gain someone’s business, the expectation game really begins. You’ll get clients who love you and clients who really… don’t. Treat them as case studies. Learn what went wrong. This will help you grow more than your biggest fans, even if you end up losing their business. Periodic check-ins, whether digital or in-person, give your customers the sense that they’ve been heard, plus provide you with regular insight on how you’re faring.

  1. Transform Your Relationship

Feedback in hand, you can tweak away. The next time you identify a “difficult” client, you’ll know where they came from and what you could have done to make them happier. By taking control and forecasting your relationship, you begin molding it into one you both want, and this is where progress flourishes.

  1. Rinse and Repeat

When you lose a customer, treat it as an opportunity to attract a better one. Armed with new knowledge about who you do and don’t want to work with, you can revisit your branding, up proactive communication, and apply the bandaid when necessary. We all dream of being comfortable enough to turn down customers we know aren’t a good fit, but for most businesses that’s not an option. Instead, you’ll better yourself for next time, and the time after that.

Source: Jana Barrett (From Bizness Apps)

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