Three weapons for your business in Social Media Warfare 2015

Social Media Warfare 2015

While businesses battle it out for their existence, sustainability and growth in the current digital revolution their tactics and strategies for social media platforms will play a key role. Not only social media provides a cost effective way of engaging customers but also enable businesses an ability to provide options, alternatives and complimentary products at their buying decision making points. To battle it out at customer’s decision making points following are the weapons which provides a competitive advantage:

Existence across platforms: There is a need to carefully choose and explore various social media platforms to run your campaigns. For some businesses twitter or Facebook are better platforms, while for some connections made on LinkedIn could drive more business value.

Most important task before running social campaigns is to choose the social media platform which suits your brand and is relevant for your business.

Measuring your growth on different channels and customer engagement allows you to evaluate best platforms for your business as well.

Genuine audience: More often we see companies looking for more likes or followers for their company pages and groups. They often join groups which do not yield value they look for. There are multiple definitions of genuine audience in context of social media, but audience which includes your target customers, or the segment of the customer interested in the products or services you offer.

There is a constant effort to maintain and review the profiles following your business or are connected to your business.

Not only we need to review if they are genuine but also monitor their social media activities, in terms of who they are following, their recent posts and sentiments for your company and brand but also for your competitors.

Continuous campaigns: Having access to genuine audience and being part of relevant groups’ leads to spreading your business message more effectively. The message reaches the right audience and social media channel allows the end customers to take actions much quicker as compared to traditional advertising mediums. Your get access to the discount coupons as a campaign, the website waits for you to redeem the same and the products are sold in no time.

Constant messaging, innovative means, engaging ideas keeps the audience engaged in your products and services.

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