Key Takeaways from The Business Show London


It was an incredible experience being part of the business show London. Though the show was around general business trends and what is going on in the market place, it was incredible to see dominance of Digital and digital practices being advocated throughout by keynote speakers. Some of the key takeaways for us from the show were:

  • Everyone knows they need a digital or online presence. The problem is to know what you need, why you need it – and how and when to use it.

Most of the businesses today are starting on their digital journey following on from having a website which they have from long ago. Unless we think and strategize about what we want to achieve from our web presence and business expectations from our social media presence and promotions, it’s difficult to achieve the true value out of your company’s digital presence.

  • Investing in SEO is one of the best business investment decisions you will ever make.

SEO is fundamental to your company’s digital presence, if you’re not visible on simple Google or Bing searches then off-course your business is way behind your competitors.

  • In this digital age, social media should form a key part of your marketing mix! –

There is an undergoing myth about how many likes you receive on Facebook and followers you have on twitter shows your social media presence and strength. The key question is to understand how many of your social media followers are genuine and how many of them are part of target segment of your business.


DCCSL is a consultancy company based in London and works with businesses around the globe to help them in their digital business journey.

DCCSL provides services in social media marketing using Facebook, twitter, YouTube and other platforms, website design, search engine optimisation (SEO) and mobile application development. They are focussed around small and medium businesses making their journey to be-digital – simple, affordable and profitable.

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